Interpol Dismantles Counterfeiting Ring in Latin America: 600 Detained

By Dialogo
October 04, 2010

Approximately six hundred individuals have been detained as part of a vast operation coordinated by Interpol in thirteen Latin America countries against a network trafficking in counterfeit goods worth $50 million (36 million euros), from car parts, soft drinks, sneakers, and toys to satellite receivers.

Interpol made this announcement in a statement issued at its headquarters in Lyon (in eastern France), before specifying that Operation Jupiter began in March and that since then around three hundred raids and searches have taken place.

The operation was carried out thanks to the joint work of police and customs agents, the private sector, and the public prosecutors of the countries involved, Roberto Manríquez, in charge of the operation, indicated in the same statement.

“Interpol will continue to work with all of our member countries to target and dismantle the organized crime gangs behind counterfeits and fakes, which not only pose a significant threat to the health and safety of consumers, but also affect national economies, which during these times of global financial crisis can have even more serious consequences,” Manríquez maintained.

Operation Jupiter included Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Surinam, Uruguay, and Venezuela.
Interpol specified that final results will be announced when the operation is complete.