Honduras Will Recover Six Vessels That Were in the Scrapyard

By Dialogo
January 17, 2011

The Honduran Navy has announced that during 2011 it aims to recover some six vessels that were “in the cemetery,” the latest of them, the speedboat Honduras, moored at the Puerto Cortés base. This was confirmed by Juan Pablo Rodríguez, commandant of the Navy, who specified that four of these ships are in the Caribbean, and another two in the Gulf of Fonseca.

It is estimated that around 3.4 million dollars will be devoted to each of them. The commandant explained that it is less expensive to repair them than to purchase new equipment. “These ships that we’re going to recover are practically in the cemetery; they’re already past their useful life, but we’re going to rescue them from the ashes,” the commandant noted.

The officer said that the Navy’s operational level has been on the rise since last year, as it succeeded in recovering four coast guard patrol boats in 2010, with an investment of ten million lempiras each. For Rodríguez, recovering the equipment makes it possible to improve the wellbeing of the personnel, since they have greater opportunities when training, and that creates motivation, that is, “morale is raised” by learning.

The defense minister, Marlon Pascua, said that a financial effort to recover this equipment has been made at the level of the Secretariat, and this year the approach will be the same, since the aim is to strengthen the equipment already in the possession of the Armed Forces. Pascua specified that funds were also dedicated last year to the modernization of a number of installations.