Honduras Requests Support on Human Rights Investigation

By Dialogo
January 31, 2011

Honduras will receive aid from the United States and hopes to also receive it from Colombia and Spain to investigate accusations on human rights violations, including the murders of journalists and homosexuals, according to Honduran President Porfirio Lobo on 27 January.

“I requested the help of the United States, Colombia and Spain, to consult on the investigation of journalists and with regard to human rights violations in general,” declared Lobo during a press conference on the anniversary of his first year in office.

According to Lobo, he has already received a U.S. Department of State compromise to create a “joint work force” with the Attorney General and the judiciary.

Ten journalists were murdered in Honduras in 2010 in addition to some seven homosexuals in a wave of violence to hit the Central American country so far in 2011.

“We hope that the situation will return to normal” with regard to human rights following the 28 June, 2009 coup against former President Manuel Zelaya.

“What matters is that the State does not mandate committing human rights violations (…) it is one thing to say that crime exists, but saying that the State is killing people or inciting violence is different; there is no State mandate to violate human rights,” concluded Lobo.