Honduras, Jamaica to Define Maritime Border

By Dialogo
January 24, 2013

Honduran and Jamaican missions will meet in Tela, Honduran Caribbean, to define their maritime border on January 24, Honduran Minister of Foreign Affairs Arturo Corrales said on January 21.

“There are already maritime demarcation proposals in place. We expect the process to be quick (…), so we can conclude the demarcation of Honduran borders” in the Caribbean Sea, Corrales told the local media.

The minister said that “the issue is well under way,” and that the missions to be discussed in Tela, located 300 km to the north of Tegucigalpa, include specific proposals to reach an agreement.

Last August, Honduras finalized their maritime demarcation with Cuba, and also defined borders with Nicaragua, Mexico, and Grand Cayman, but Jamaica, Guatemala and Belize are pending.

Honduras no longer shares maritime borders with Colombia, after the ruling passed by the International Court of Justice at The Hague, which granted Nicaragua about 90,000 km2 in the Caribbean, that the South American country considered theirs.