Honduras Incinerates 10.5 Tons of Pseudoephedrine Paste

By Dialogo
December 10, 2012

Honduran authorities incinerated 10.5 tons of pseudoephedrine paste to be used in the production of ecstasy pills, on December 6. The drug was seized on November 29 in the northern region of the country, informed to AFP an official spokesman.

“The paste was incinerated in furnaces that are property of the Cementos del Norte company, in the village of Bijao,” said to AFP Elvis Guzmán, Prosecutor’s Office spokesman in the northern region of the country.

He also explained that the drug “could not be incinerated in an open field, because the process required high temperatures.”

During a police operation that started on November 24 in San Pedro Sula, Omoa, Santa Bárbara, and other northern and northwestern locations of the country, the drug was found by the authorities at a farm, hidden underground.

During the police operation, at least 12 people were arrested, including a police deputy commissioner and a former prosecutor of the Honduran Public Ministry. Authorities also seized assets valued at about 100 million dollars.