Honduras Extradites Drug Trafficker Wanted by Colombia

By Dialogo
January 23, 2013

Honduran authorities extradited alleged drug lord Amauri Smith Pomare, who was wanted by the authorities of his country, to Colombia, Minister of Security Pompeyo Bonilla informed.

Smith Pomare “was extradited by plane to Colombia on January 19,” the minister told local radio stations, without giving any further details.

The Colombian national was arrested on January 19, along with three other people in an operation carried out by the counternarcotics directorate, the National Police, and the Armed Forces in the Caribbean port of La Ceiba, located approximately 400 kilometers north of Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital.

Carlos Chinchilla, spokesman for the Public Prosecutor, told AFP that “initially, Amauri’s twin brother, Mario Smith Pomare, was captured in Panama. Both belonged to ‘Los Mellos de Casandra’ cartel, which transported cocaine from the Colombian coast through San Andrés, Nicaragua, and Honduras.”

The operation carried out by Honduran authorities took place in a house “where Amauri was with the other individuals: David Rico Olarte and other two people that are currently under investigation,” he said.