Honduran Police Find Weapons and Jewelry in Armored Vault

By Dialogo
January 11, 2013

The Honduran Police found a large amount of jewelry, weapons, buckles and horse saddles inlaid with gold and silver, valued at approximately one million dollars, and hidden in an armored vault, informed the authorities.

“We cannot yet determine the impact of this find. However, there is no question that we have inflicted another blow to organized crime, in addition to the arsenal we found last week, which included a gold-coated assault rifle,” Deputy Commissioner Marco Tulio Cruz said to AFP.

The police chief reported that three men were arrested, but he did not identify them.

The house raided by the police is located in San Pedro Sula, a city wrecked by the violence of organized crime, mainly from drug trafficking and gangs.

According to Cruz, the findings could be linked to the seizure from a farm in Choloma City on January 4, near San Pedro Sula.

In that location, police found a significant arsenal of weapons, which included a gold-plated AK-47 rifle, encrusted with emerald and diamond inlays, as well as two silver magazines.

The arsenal was hidden in five freight vehicles parked on the farm premises, and the prosecutor’s office suspects that it belonged to the Mexican cartel Los Zetas, which has extended its operations in Central America, especially to Guatemala.