Honduran Police Chiefs Undergo Polygraph Test

By Dialogo
May 08, 2013

About 50 senior officers of the Honduran Police, including director Juan Carlos “el Tigre” Bonilla, will undergo counter drug and polygraph tests on May 6, during an institutional purging campaign, caused by alleged organized crime infiltration, official sources stated.

“All members will endure the process, according to the arranged schedule (…) This is the first step taken to evaluate the Police’s high command of operation,” Eduardo Villanueva, head of the Police Career Investigation and Evaluation Office (DIECP), said on May 6, when the process started.

During the so-called “confidence tests,” the police officers are tested by a polygraph or a lie detector regarding drug consumption, as well as their psychological status.

Furthermore, the test also verifies the police officers’ assets to determine if they correspond to their incomes; it also verifies whether any property has been transferred to family members.

“After concluding this stage, we will continue with 50 more, which involves subordinates and immediate collaborators, so that we can assure society that we have a transparent police force that is doing its job,” DIECP’s chief added.

Honduras is facing an alarming crime rate, ranking first worldwide with 85.5 per 100,000 inhabitants, according to the Violence Observatory at the National University, nearly ten times the global average.

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