Honduran, Nicaraguan and Salvadoran Presidents Meet

By Dialogo
December 04, 2012

Presidents Porfirio Lobo, Daniel Ortega, and Mauricio Funes of Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador, respectively, met in Managua on December 4, seeking an agreement over the Fonseca Gulf, shared by the three countries in the Pacific, informed the Honduran Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Honduran government notified El Salvador and Nicaragua of their “negotiating position” regarding a possible solution to the existing controversies between the three countries in the Gulf “in view of the summit planned in the city of Managua on December 4.”

“Honduras continues to support obtaining international cooperation, in particular the United Nations and partner nations, to establish a system for environmental protection, optimization of international maritime transport, and security for all the inhabitants under a tri-national authority,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

On October 24, Honduras requested assistance from the U.N. Security Council, and requested that El Salvador fulfill a ruling passed by the International Court of Justice in The Hague, in September 1992, over a border dispute between both countries on a portion in the Gulf.

El Salvador has claimed sovereignty over the Isle of Conejo, considered by Honduras a part of its territory.