Honduran Military Personnel Seize More than 1,000 Kilos of Cocaine

By Dialogo
July 10, 2012

Honduran Military personnel seized more than 1,000 kilos of cocaine on July 6, on the Cruta River in the Mosquitia region (in eastern Honduras), on three vessels the crews of which escaped, the head of the Armed Forces General Staff, General René Osorio, announced.

Osorio told local media that in the course of what is known as Operation Martillo, which is being conducted exclusively by Honduran Military personnel in the department of Gracias a Dios, drug traffickers “abandoned three boats, one with three motors and two with two,” in the Cruta River.

“Shots were exchanged,” but the unidentified individuals “went into the underbrush (…). We mobilized an Air Force helicopter to comb the area. We came away with 79 bales of cocaine (that have been counted), meaning that we’re talking about 1,000 to 1,200 kilos,” Osorio added.

The high-ranking officer explained that they were continuing to count packages of 25 to 30 kilos each.

He added that the officers also found another 35 kilos of cocaine “floating” in the Caribbean near the Swan Islands, in Honduran waters.

Osorio explained that Operation Martillo is being carried out by the Armed Forces, with the intervention of the Navy and the Air Force, which are patrolling the area of the department of Gracias a Dios inhabited by Misquito indigenous people, while the National Police are operating jointly with agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in that area.

Honduran authorities are deploying operations in the departments of Gracias a Dios, Olancho, Colón, and Yoro, located in the country’s north and east and considered sanctuaries for drug traffickers, who land in small planes or disembark from boats.