Homicide Rate Falls About 10 Percent in Colombia

Homicide Rate Falls About 10 Percent in Colombia

By Dialogo
May 16, 2012

Joint actions by the Armed Forces, with the support of law enforcement, have made it possible for arrests of members of irregular organizations to increase by about 20 percent so far this year, compared to the previous year. The demobilization of 392 people is another notable figure.

Colombian Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón acknowledged that the new strategic plans and the deployment of combined actions by the Military and the National Police have made possible an increase in the number of arrests of members of criminal organizations, which have outpaced those made in 2011 by 20 percent. According to the high-ranking official, arrests of FARC members have increased about 72 percent, of ELN members about 82 percent, and of members of criminal gangs about 23 percent.

“The new strategic plans are demonstrating effectiveness, and due to the fact that they are only in the process of being implemented, we can expect increasing results, and they indicate an appropriate roadmap and a significant sign of clear progress in the area of results and of concrete strengthening of the activities of government forces,” the Defense Minister declared.

Pinzón also highlighted the figure for individuals demobilized from criminal organizations this year, according to which 392 people have laid down their arms and returned to civilian and productive life so far in 2012.

He also highlighted the fact that “offensive actions by the Armed Forces have increased about 41 percent with respect to last year, and as a result of the combat that has occurred during those operations, neutralizations of members of criminal organizations are up by 41 percent.”

Pinzón also announced that homicides have fallen about 10 percent compared to 2011, which saw the fewest homicides in the country in 28 years, and if this trend continues, this year could have the fewest in three decades.

In Minister Pinzon’s remarks on the social network Twitter, it was noted that all indicators for various types of theft have gone down as well. He highlighted the fact that theft from residences has fallen 22 percent, automobile theft 18 percent, and theft from financial institutions 15 percent.