Haitian Presidential Commission Recommends Restoring the Army

By Dialogo
January 05, 2012

A Haitian presidential commission has expressed support for restoring the Army, which was eliminated in the 1990s following several decades of coups d’états and political interference, Michel Martelly, the president of that Caribbean country, announced.

“The commission has recommended creating a new Army that will intervene in cases of natural disaster and will work to ensure territorial integrity,” Martelly said during the celebrations of Haiti’s Independence Day.

In his televised address, Martelly affirmed that the presidential commission’s report will be sent to other branches of the Government for review.

Since 2004, Haiti has had a United Nations stabilization force (MINUSTAH), the objective of which is to aid in maintaining a secure environment.

Since taking office in 2011, Martelly has expressed his desire for MINUSTAH to withdraw and insisted that his country needs a “modern” army.