Gulf Cartel Leader Arrested in Mexico

By Dialogo
August 20, 2013

Mario Armando Ramírez Treviño, leader of the Gulf Cartel who was arrested by the Mexican Military on August 17, was taken to the capital in order to appear before court, the Prosecution reported.

Ramírez Treviño, aka “El Pelón” or “X 20,” “was brought to justice at the Office of the Assistant Attorney General for Special Investigations and Organized Crime,” a spokesman for the Prosecution said.

Ramírez Treviño, a low-profile leader who became head of the Gulf Cartel a few months ago, was taken from Reynosa (northeast) to the capital, located 952 km away, amid strict security measures.

According to the Prosecution in Tamaulipas state (northeast), the detention was conducted in Río Bravo municipality near Reynosa, on the U.S. border, where the drug trafficker was wanted and $5 million was offered in exchange for information leading to his arrest.