Guatemalan President Requests Extra Efforts against Drug Trafficking

Guatemalan President Requests Extra Efforts against Drug Trafficking

By Dialogo
November 07, 2012

Guatemalan President Otto Pérez, will request further efforts from the international community to fight against drug trafficking and organized crime, which has turned Central America into one of the most violent areas in the world.

Pérez stated that he will submit the request next January, at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland.

“It is the most important economic forum in the world, where we will have the chance to talk about this subject (…) We need to make an effort to find better ways to counter drug trafficking, not only in Central America, but globally,” he told the press.

“We must be clever; we must be capable of evaluating both what has not worked in 40 years and what may work,” he added.

At several forums, including the United Nations, Pérez has criticized the United States’ traditional strategy for countering drug trafficking, as being unsuccessful, and for generating a wave of violence throughout Central America.

In fact, Central American countries have become the bridge and warehouse of drug cartels that transport drugs to the United States from South America.

Washington assured that 90% of the drugs arriving to their territory come through the Central American region.

In February, the Guatemalan head of state proposed decriminalizing drug trafficking, trade and consumption.

In October, Pérez urged the UN to “seek new paradigms to fight against drug trafficking, to unify efforts to fight against transnational crime.”

Recently, Mexico, Colombia, and Guatemala submitted a formal letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, requesting the organization to lead an “urgent” revision of the global strategy against drugs.