Guatemala: Police seize 405 kilos of cocaine, detain 12 people

By Dialogo
August 20, 2012

GUATEMALA CITY – Antinarcotics agents of Guatemala’s National Civil Police (PNC) detained seven Guatemalans and five Ecuadorans early Aug. 19 who allegedly tried to smuggle into the country 405 kilos (893 pounds) of cocaine, according to authorities.
The 12 who were detained were carrying 16 suitcases containing the narcotics, after their private plane landed from Ecuador in the private flight area of La Aurora airport, located south of Guatemala City, according to the Ministry of the Interior.
“These raids are part of the joint actions we are carrying to end organized crime’s operations,” said Minister of the Interior Mauricio López Bonilla.
The narcotics had a market value of about US$5 million.
According to authorities, the detained Ecuadorans were identified as Wladimir Rosero, María Granizo, Luis Nachimba, Eunice Cerón and José Robalino. The Guatemalans were identified as Mynor Daniel González Vásquez, Allan Alberto Vásquez Sumix, Abner Alexander Salazar Girón, Gustavo Córdova Vásquez, Juan Carlos Sazo, Edwin Pérez López and Claudia Patricia Girón González.
So far this year antinarcotics agents have seized 1,223 kilos (2,696 pounds) of cocaine in several operations nationwide, authorities said.
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