Guatemala Extends State of Siege

By Dialogo
June 16, 2011

The Guatemalan government announced on 14 June, a 30-day extension to the state of siege in the department of Petén, where on 14 May, 27 people were beheaded on a ranch by members of Los Zetas.

The decision aims to strengthen “the legal framework recovered in that department and provide crucial support to the security forces” working in Peten, some 600 km north of the capital.

The state of siege which was imposed on 16 May is due to expire 17 June, but with the extension, it will now run through 16 July.

The order restricts freedom of action, of movement, assembly and public demonstrations, as well as carrying firearms and allows police to enter private
property at night, among other measures.

The extension will not affect the electoral process culminating with the 11 September general election, and excludes meetings relating to the electoral political process, sports, art, and student activities.”