Guatemala arrests notorious drug lord Horst Overdick

By Dialogo
April 04, 2012

GUATEMALA CITY — Guatemalan police captured alleged drug trafficker Horst Walter Overdick at a property he owns outside the capital April 3.
Overdick, 44, known as “the Tiger,” is accused of helping Mexico’s Los Zetas cartel to move its illicit operation into Guatemala.
U.S. authorities have requested to have him extradited on charges of conspiracy to smuggle 1.2 tons of cocaine in 2002.
Overdick allegedly purchased drugs from South American cartels, kept the drugs in warehouses in his properties around Guatemala and then sold the narcotics to Los Zetas, authorities said.
Guatemalan authorities apprehended his son, 20-year-old Kevin Overdick, in July 2011, also under drug charges.
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