Guatemala and El Salvador Reactivate Bi-National Border Police

By Dialogo
October 31, 2012

Guatemala and El Salvador reactivated the bi-national Border Police on October 29, aimed at protecting common border areas and safeguard the wellbeing of those who travel between both countries, informed a Guatemalan official source.

“The security plan, which involves the Guatemalan and Salvadoran police forces, integrates the national security strategy driven by both governments,” said the director of the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (INGUAT), Pedro Duchez, in a statement.

The plan “is particularly relevant, because guaranteeing the security of those who visit Guatemala is a priority, and El Salvador is the main source of visitors into Guatemalan soil, a market that has grown 6.9% compared to 2011,” he stated.

According to INGUAT, from January to August, 392,437 Salvadoran tourists entered Guatemala.

The Chief of the Guatemalan National Civil Police, Gerson Oliva, said that the Guatemalan police force will be integrated by 32 people and 10 mobile units.

Guatemala and El Salvador used to have a bi-national police that safeguarded the roads that connect both nations, but it was discontinued four years ago.

“With this reactivation, we are taking the first step to strengthen the protection of the border roads towards Guatemala City and El Salvador,” indicated the chief of police.