Guatemala: Alleged narco-trafficker Reyes Sosa arrested

By Dialogo
October 02, 2012

GUATEMALA CITY – Enio Geovanny Reyes Sosa, who is allegedly connected to Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, was arrested on Sept. 30 at a hotel in the nation’s capital, Interior Minister Mauricio López said on Oct. 1.
López said Reyes Sosa has been under investigation since 2010 for alleged ties to narco- trafficking groups and working as a liaison for the Sinaloa cartel in the northwestern department of Huehuetenango.
Two women – one Nicaraguan and a Colombian – who were with Reyes at the hotel also were detained.
Drug cartels have expanded their operations to Guatemala in recent years, making the Central American country a transshipment point for Colombian narcotics heading north toward Mexico and the United States.
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