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  • Government To Intensify Bombings Against FARC’s Military Chief In Retaliation ‎For Attack

Government To Intensify Bombings Against FARC’s Military Chief In Retaliation ‎For Attack

By Dialogo
January 28, 2009

Colombian Minister of Defense Juan Manuel Santos announced this Wednesday that the ‎bombings against FARC guerrilla military chief Jorge Briceño (alias “Mono Jojoy”) will be ‎intensified, as reprisal for the attack using explosives that killed two people last Tuesday in ‎Bogota. ‎ ‎“This (the attack) is a repercussion against ‘Mono Jojoy,’ because we will redouble the ‎bombings and intensify our actions against this structure,” Santos told reporters after ‎attending an extraordinary security council in Bogota, where the attack was analyzed.‎ According to the minister, the government is “more or less” familiar with the area in which ‎the guerrilla chief is located, and “we are getting closer,” he said after reiterating that ‎Tuesday night’s attack “will indeed have an effect” on ‘Jojoy,’ the guerrilla military chief. ‎ Santos revealed that, according to a communication intercepted on January 3, Briceño ‎ordered his followers “to do terrorism” indiscriminately. ‎ ‎“There is a clear intention on the part of the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of ‎Colombia) to increase terrorist actions,” he said. ‎ Nevertheless, he denied that the explosion, aimed at a Blockbuster video store in northern ‎Bogota that, according to the authorities, is subject to extortion, will affect the release ‎process for six hostages that the FARC announced on December 21st. ‎ ‎“The release process won’t be affected. That process is in progress,” he said after stating ‎that on Wednesday the logistics will be ready for the Brazilian government, which will ‎provide that assistance, to send helicopters to pick up the hostages. ‎“Today (Wednesday) the Brazilian technician will meet with the Air Force Commander and ‎the Military Forces Commander to arrange all logistics-related issues,” Santos said. ‎ He added that the Brazilian ambassador in Bogota, Valdemar Carneiro, “told me that once ‎Brazil arranges the logistic aspect, they will be ready to start the operation within 48 ‎hours.”‎