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Gloria Estefan Floods Chile With Her Latin Rhythms Together With Her 14-Year-Old Daughter

By Dialogo
April 17, 2009

Singer Gloria Estefan inundated Chile with a flood of Latin rhythms in a unique concert full of life, political demands, and a stellar performance by her 14-year-old daughter, Emily Estefan. After ten years of waiting, an expectant audience last night received the American soloist of Cuban origin, who appeared after a half-hour delay, and quickly forgave her after hearing the first notes of "Mi Cuerpo Pide Salsa" ("My Body Wants Salsa"). Estefan, who has sold 70 million records sold and won seven Grammys, took the stage dressed in a bright-red outfit, which combined a shirt and skirt with a flower of the same color. Without stopping dancing, the singer broadcast her hottest beats to those gathered at the almost-overflowing Movistar Arena, and asked security forces to allow people to dance freely if they wanted to. Emilio Estefan, her husband, producer, and musical director, appeared and raised the flags of Cuba and Chile to the shouts of approval from the stands. On stage, up to 16 musicians from the band Miami Sound Machine were gathered. In the middle of the show, the singer’s favorite musician joined her: her heiress, Emily Estefan. For a few moments, no one could believe that the "solo" coming from the strings of the electric guitar in the style of the Mexican Santana could come from the hands of that shy girl. But not only did her guitar performance merge in full harmony with the musicians on the stage; she also ventured to play the drums, which she beat with “rock-and-roll” fans’ instinct. The public recovered from their encounter with the first lady of the night, now dressed in white and of turquoise blue, who sang “Hoy” ("Today") with a particular Andean flavor, illustrated by pictures of Machu Pichu on the side screens. The trip continued from Peru to Cuba, and from the island to Brazil, where she “transported” the attending Chileans with her “Santo Santo,” which made all the hips at the stadium swing. Estefan reviewed 30 years of her career in about two hours, through a repertoire of hits such as "Everlasting Love," “No Me Dejes de Querer” ("I Do Not Want to Miss"), and “Oye” ("Hey") and kept the entire audience out of their chairs. "Twice my knees have shaken with fear. The first time was in Chile, before the Monstruo de la Quinta Vergara, about which I was told that they would throw things on stage if they did not like the performance," Estefan said in reference to her experience in the Viña del Mar International Song Festival in 1983. In the last part of the concert, she dedicated her love for the Caribbean island were she was born, and where she left her parents in the sixties for political reasons, with songs like "Mi Tierra" ("My Land") and "Cuba Libre" ("Free Cuba "). The show is part of her latest international tour, which in the coming days will take Estefan to Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador.