García suggests union of pro-globalization countries

By Dialogo
September 20, 2010

What I am saying, Mr President, is that we, Chileans, Colombians, Ecuadorians and other countries with democracy, are all willing to tell the world that we love freedom and peace. And that democracy should be extended to other countries. Regards
During the Peru-Colombia Roundtable 2010 on September 16 in Lima, President Alan García proposed a process to regionally integrate countries that believe in globalization, investment and economic freedom with a democratic society.

In his speech to inaugurate the event, the Peruvian leader suggested that this proposal “should include the free circulation of goods, services, capitals and people” among member countries, according to Andina news agency.

“What I’m suggesting is an integration of countries that do believe in globalization, investment, economic freedom and also in democracy, because all that is easy to have without democracy, but we Colombians, Peruvians, Chileans, Ecuadorians believe in democracy,” pointed out García, according to the same report.

The roundtable included members of the textile industry, including Colombian clothing and manufacturing sectors, which have an attractive market in Peru.

Attendee María Claudia Lacouture, president of Colombian export, tourism and foreign investment promoter Proexport Colombia said, “Peru is one of the countries with greater dynamism in Latin America for Colombian exports.”