French Reporter in FARC’s Power in Colombia

By Dialogo
May 04, 2012

The Colombian Army confirmed on May 2 that French journalist Romeo Langlois of the France 24 television network has been captured by the narco-terrorist organization FARC, and decided to suspend Military operations in the area in order to facilitate his handover.

“The terrorists sent a message to local broadcasters which has been confirmed. In the message, they admit that they have Romeo Langlois,” General Javier Rey, Colombian Army aviation commander, told AFP.

Colombian authorities have been looking for the 35-year-old journalist since his disappearance on April 28 in the region of Caquetá (in southern Colombia), near the Amazon jungle.

Following confirmation that the reporter is the guerrillas’ power, the decision was made to suspend Military activities in the area on May 2.

“Operations are suspended in order to facilitate Romeo’s release. Flyovers have been suspended. We made the decision once it was confirmed that the guerrilla group had him. We’ve relaxed the pressure on the terrorist group; now they have complete freedom to let him go,” the general stated.

The message in which the guerrilla group announced that it has Langlois was signed by “the General Staff of Front 15” of the FARC, a regional unit made up of around 300 guerrillas, who are believed to receive additional support from around 2,000 militia members, according to General Rey.