France to Help Haiti Create Security Force

By Dialogo
February 02, 2012

France will help Haiti, which does not have an army, to create a security force to combat smuggling along the border, the foreign ministers of Haiti, Laurent Lamothe, and France, Alain Juppé, announced in Paris on January 31.

Looking ahead to the end of the mission of the UN ‘blue helmets’ in Haiti, “we’re seeking a guarantee of technical assistance from among our partners to plan and set up a new force, chiefly to protect the economy,” Laurent Lamothe explained to the press.

“Haiti is currently losing 320 million dollars because of smuggling along the border with the Dominican Republic; for that reason, we’ve requested assistance to set up this force,” Lamothe specified.

“France has responded positively, and we’re ready to accompany Haiti in setting up this security force,” Juppé said.

Following decades of political agitation and dozens of coups d’état, some of which involved Haitian Military personnel, the Caribbean country decided to dissolve its Army in 1995.

The Haitian foreign minister also said that he described the investment opportunities the country offers in infrastructure (highways, airports, bridges) and tourism to several French businesspeople.

“Haiti needs the private sector, massive private direct investment,” he declared.