Four Colombian Guards, One Inmate Die in FARC Ambush

By Dialogo
June 06, 2013

Colombian authorities reported that four Colombian prison guards and an inmate died on June 4 in an “ambush” on a truck where three prisoners were being transported to a court hearing in the south of Colombia by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

“On June 4 in the morning, an INPEC (Penitentiary National Institute) team that was transporting three inmates in Caquetá,” was attacked, the institution said in a statement.

Initially, INPEC had stated that “the ambush left four guards dead, another one injured and three inmates injured”.

Later on, one of the injured died at a hospital in the town of Puerto Rico, where they had been taken, local authorities told the press.

Minister of Defense Juan Carlos Pinzón, blamed the “FARC’s third front, which “arrived and ambushed this group of INPEC officials, killed them and even injured the inmates that were being transported”.

According to Pinzón, who announced military operations in the area to look for those responsible of the attack, the guerrillas stole the weapons carried by the penitentiary officials.

Since November, the FARC have been going through peace negotiations with the government of President Juan Manuel Santos, although a cease fire was not agreed to in the armed conflict.