Former Colombian Rebels’ Musical Project Will Tour Europe

By Dialogo
December 01, 2009

The Colombian government’s musical project “Sing with Me for Reintegration,” in which eight former rebels from that country participate, will tour London, Brussels, and Madrid in December, according to diplomatic sources. The twelve members of the group, who perform their musical compositions vocally and with instruments, will appear in Madrid on 10 December at America House, following a prior rehearsal in the Spanish capital on 5 December and the concerts scheduled in the United Kingdom and Belgium. The High Commissioner for Peace in Colombia, Frank Pearl, is expected to attend the Madrid concert, according to the same diplomatic sources. The program, which has issued a CD with thirteen songs with messages in favor of reintegration and social reconciliation, was developed by the Colombian government’s Office of the High Presidential Counselor for Reintegration and has the support of Colombian singer-songwriter Fonseca, the winner of a Latin Grammy in 2006. The nine men and three women who make up the group went through a two-and-a-half-month process of musical training, after being selected from among 153 hopefuls in auditions held in eleven Colombian cities. As a result of the Justice and Peace Act, in seven years more than 51,000 individuals have been demobilized, around 32,000 of them belonging to right-wing paramilitary groups and more than 15,000 of them members of the FARC.