Food shipment arrives in Haiti

By Dialogo
August 08, 2008

A shipment of fortified rice, coordinated by SOUTHCOM's Humanitarian Assistance Directorate, arrived in Haiti recently and was distributed by representatives from the government of Haiti and an international NGO and was delivered to those most in need. Part of the shipment was distributed by Haiti's Ministry of Social Affairs and the distribution was carried out in the Bel Fontèn and Bel Anse zones, and involved the preparation of nutritional baskets for poor families, so that the rice is associated with other nutritional products offered by the Ministry such as beans, vegetables, oil, nutritional pastes, and related food items. A total of two thousand people benefited from the distribution in these two zones. The other part of the shipment was distributed by The World Food Program fortified rice was distributed through their distribution network, first to summer program cafeterias and secondly to the HIV/AIDs project. Future shipments will be distributed to other programs.