Five Killed in First EPP Attack under New Paraguayan Government

By Dialogo
August 20, 2013

Five security guards at a ranch in Tacuatí, located 400 km to the north of Asunción, were kidnapped and killed by the Paraguayan People’s Army on the evening of August 17, in a ‘baptism by fire’ for Horacio Cartes’s government.

Police officers arrived on the premises to intervene, but were ambushed, and one of them was injured.

“There is rule of law, which will prevail, and my agenda will not be determined by the EPP,” Cartes told the press after a charity event at San Rafael Parish in Asunción.

“We will not only be firm, but also strategic against this criminal organization,” Minister of Interior Francisco de Vargas, who will be the head of the government’s spokesperson during the crisis, told the press. “Strategic operations have been exposed by mistake, so we must be careful,” he added.

This is the first attack perpetrated by the Marxist guerrillas since President Horacio Cartes took office for a five year term.

The EPP operates in San Pedro and Concepción departments, the poorest departments in the country.

An armed EPP column assaulted a makeshift camp located near a thick forest at Lagunita ranch, Tacuatí district.

The ranch belongs to Brazilian national Renato Recender, according to the police report.

During President Cartes’s speech after taking oath as the new head of state, Cartes said that “my agenda will not be determined by terrorists and criminals.”