Five Alleged Brazilian Drug Traffickers Arrested in Paraguay

By Dialogo
March 28, 2011

On 24 March, anti-drug agents arrested five alleged Brazilian drug
traffickers suspected of forming the criminal group known as the ‘First Capital
Commando’ (PCC), which operates in São Paulo, a police report indicated.
The five are Guilherme de Matos Palmeira Couto, 23 years old, Milton Dalis
Mendes Couto (55), Jorge Carneiro (25), Olvier Giovanni da Silva (27), and Paulo
Augusto de Sousa (28).
The operation took place in the city of Pedro Juan Caballero, on the land
border with the town of Ponta Porá, Brazil, 550 km to the northeast, according to
the report.
The anti-drug police also seized vehicles, weapons (including an AR-15
machine gun), bullets, and several packets of marijuana from them.
The PCC supplies the city of São Paulo with cocaine and marijuana and is
controlled from the prisons of São Paulo state, according to the Brazilian