First Bolivian Plane with Relief for Sandy Victims Arrives in Cuba

By Dialogo
November 06, 2012

A Bolivian plane with 60 tons of food supplies and water for the victims of hurricane Sandy, arrived in Holguín (east Cuba) on November 3, in what is the first shipment of the 120 tons approved by Evo Morales’s government, the local press reported.

“I came by special request of President Evo Morales and the Bolivian people, since we are all aware of the problems that the storm has caused in Cuba,” stated the Bolivian Minister of Defense Rubén Saavedra, who traveled on the plane, according to Prensa Latina news agency.

The minister added that he “is confident that the Cuban people will be able to recover from this natural disaster.”

On October 25, Sandy went from south to north through Cuba’s eastern provinces, leaving 11 people dead, hundreds of thousands of houses reduced to debris, several crops, as well as industrial, medical and school facilities destroyed.

A second shipment of Bolivian relief cargo should arrive on November 5, stated Bolivian officials.

Other nations will also participate in the relief efforts for the hurricane damage in Cuba, namely Venezuela, Russia, Dominican Republic, and Brazil.

The first Russian flight arrived this week, while the fourth Venezuelan shipment arrived in Santiago de Cuba, 950 km southeast of Havana, on November 3.

The fourth Venezuelan shipment consisted of “46.5 tons of food, specifically grains and sugar for the people,” informed pro Cuban government web site,

Santiago de Cuba and Holguín were the two worst-affected Cuban provinces in hurricane Sandy’s path.