FARC Terrorist Plans Frustrated

By Dialogo
July 18, 2012

In the course of offensive operations, National Army explosives experts destroyed 10 mines of different kinds that belonged to FARC terrorists, in the departments of Northern Santander, Nariño, and Huila.

Initially, the men of Task Force Vulcan recorded the location of a fan-type mine made of five kilos of R1 and six homemade mortar shells, each with two kilos of the same explosive.

The munitions belonged to factions of the FARC’s Squad 33 and were found only meters from a school located in the sector known as La Raya, in the municipality of Tibú, Northern Santander.

Separately, in a second tactical action, this one by Soldiers of Task Force Pegasus, the Military offensive resulted in the discovery of one mine, 20 kilos of ANFO, three kilos of pentolite, two kilos of shrapnel, and eight electric detonators in the municipality of Maguí, Nariño.

The guerrillas of the FARC’s Front 29 failed in their violent plans, thanks to the rapid deployment of this Military unit.

Finally, members of the FARC’s Squad 25 planted two improvised explosive devices by the side of a road used by people living along the San Marcos trail in the municipality of Colombia, Huila; the deadly traps were destroyed through the efforts of personnel from the 13th Land Combat Battalion ‘Cacique Timanco,’ assigned to Task Force Sumapaz.