FARC Plot against Police Reported in Bogotá

By Dialogo
January 22, 2013

The Colombian Police reported an alleged FARC plot aimed at attacking police and military premises with explosives in Bogotá after concluding the unilateral truce declared by the guerrillas on January 20.

A seizure including, “250 kilos of ANFO explosive, detonating cord, and six homemade grenades” was found during a police operation in La Palma municipality, located 93 miles from Bogotá. The seized elements were to be used by the FARC to carry out the attacks, National Police director José Roberto León explained.

Along with the explosives, the agents found the blueprints of two police training schools and one military training school in Bogotá, allegedly the guerrillas’ plot targets, León told the press.

The chief of police said that the FARC, which has been involved in peace talks with the government since November, was expected to resume its armed actions once the unilateral two-month ceasefire –which was declared in a gesture of goodwill for the negotiations– ended on January 20.

“According to intelligence reports, (the FARC) have been strengthening their capabilities during the truce they declared,” León, who attributed the explosives that were found to the FARC’s Front 22, confirmed.

Guerrilla spokesmen are willing to extend their ceasefire beyond January 20, as long as the Colombian government also declares it.

President Juan Manuel Santos has discarded this option until peace talks conclude successfully in Havana, although he admitted that the FARC complied with the truce “to a great extent.”

At the conclusion of the year-end recess, government and FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) talks resumed on January 14 in Havana, with both delegations expressing their goodwill to speed up the negotiations to put an end to the armed conflict that has been going on for nearly fifty years.