FARC Leader of 21 Years Alias ‘Samuel’ Killed in Combat

By Dialogo
September 12, 2012

Twelfth Brigade Troops assigned to the Colombian National Army’s Sixth Division, killed second-in-command and chief financial officer of the FARC’s third front a.k.a “Samuel”, during the development of Military operations; they arrested another guerrilla and managed to recover a minor in Caquetá department. So far in September, 60 FARC terrorists have been neutralized.

The operations advanced in the southwest region of the country by Colombian Army units of the 12th Mechanized Cavalry Group, “General Ramón Arturo Rincón Quiñones,” neutralized “Samuel,” who had spent 21 years in the terrorist organization led by guerrilla alias “Duverney”.

“Samuel”, whose real name was Ramiro Vargas Guerrero, is suspected of having participated and directed the occupation of the town of Belén de los Andaquíes, north of La Paya National Park in 2001. During that act, they killed five members of the National Police, and wounded seven others, as well as kidnapped the town’s doctor.

Guerrero participated and led multiple illegal detentions and at least nine terrorist actions with explosives against the electrical interconnected towers between the towns of Gabinete and Florencia.

In 2010, he participated and led the terrorist action in the town of San Miguel, Putumayo, in which eight members of the National Police were killed.

During the Military operation, authorities seized an AK-47 with two suppliers, eight cylinders equipped for terrorist attacks, a mortar and a small bag with tools for the manufacturing of explosive devices. According to investigations, these devices would have been employed in terrorist actions in the same area of the country.

“Vladimir”, a member of the terrorist stronghold who was placed at the disposal of competent authorities, was captured simultaneously.

Authorities also recovered a minor who was placed in the hands of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF).

In recent days, two terrorists surrendered voluntarily, while ongoing military operations resulted in the death of five others.