Famous Bandit Butch Cassidy’s Adventures in Bolivia Being Filmed

By Dialogo
April 05, 2010

Spanish director Mateo Gil will bring to the movie screen the early-twentieth-century Bolivian adventures of famous American bandit Butch Cassidy, who will be played by actor Sam Shepard, in a mixture of real events and historical interpretation, the movie’s co-producer, Paolo Agazzi, told AFP. The film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, was shot in 1969, but the new film, which will start shooting in mid-April, “is not a second part,” explained Agazzi, the movie’s co-producer and one of the most prominent directors in Bolivian film. The new version will be called Blackthorn, the name Cassidy used in Bolivia, where he arrived after robbing banks in the United States and Argentina and being hunted by the U.S.-based Pinkerton detective agency, Agazzi said. “The movie shows real and fictional events,” according to the co-producer, who affirmed that the film “will be shot 100% in Bolivia, in the cities of La Paz and Potosí and their outskirts, and in the Salar de Uyuni (the largest salt desert in the world), where Cassidy fled to Chile.” In the new cinematographic work, Cassidy succeeds in fleeing from a confrontation with the Bolivian military and spends fifteen years raising horses, under the name of Blackthorn. Sundance, on the other hand, dies early in the first part of the film, after being wounded in the clash with the military. Cassidy then returns to the United States, by way of Chile, where he meets another local outlaw. “A bit of the legendary duo” Cassidy-Kid “gets restored,” Agazzi indicated.