FAC to Be Used on Brazil-Paraguay-Argentina Border

FAC to Be Used on Brazil-Paraguay-Argentina Border

By Dialogo
January 10, 2012

On January 2, a special Fast-Action Craft (FAC), designed and built by the Val-de-Cães Naval Base to operate on Itaipu Lake and the nearby rivers, which determine Brazil’s borders with Argentina and Paraguay, was delivered to the River Captaincy of the Paraná River in Brazil.

The vessel has a cabin armored with high-performance polyethylene fiber, a more efficient protection against pistol and rifle fire than the traditional aramid fabric (better known by the brand name “Kevlar”).

The climate-controlled cabin will provide protection for the captain and six other passengers, who will be able to carry out dangerous missions, under threat of enemy fire, in complete safety.

The propulsion system consists of a 270-hp diesel sterndrive motor, protected by aramid fabric. During sea tests, the vessel reached speeds of over 35 knots while maintaining perfect stability and maneuverability.

I agree absolutaly with this new force. There`s a huge problem in Argentina with drugs traffic as you allready know for the trial took place in U.E.with the money brought for our president campain from drugs traffic.
We don´t have elements for detecting fligts from or to the border. I think that the argentine goverment has pretty much business with narcotraffic than you can imagen. I believe that the solution at the border is possible if really the three countries expand their border control to include an international police force, which can be created and is needed to end both crime and smuggling in the area. That's my humble opinion. I am always in the area and know the problem very well. I hope someone hears me. Thank you.