EXPONAVAL: The Latest in Naval and Military Technology

EXPONAVAL: The Latest in Naval and Military Technology

By Dialogo
December 02, 2010

I don’t know what is happening to the entire world. We can’t live without thinking that our neighboring countries and the rest of the world are just warmongers looking for disputes. There are many problems with hunger, education, living conditions, communication, highways, etc., instead of investing in war, let’s invest in these subjects.

With over 100 exhibitions of the latest naval technology on display from over
130 countries, Expo Naval organizers are projecting that the large naval fair will
generate over $600 million dollars in business transactions.

Chile has the largest amount of participants with exhibits on port security,
logistics, global positioning systems and submarine components such as batteries,
telescopes, and engine parts.

The United and States and the United Kingdom each have five exhibits
displaying the latest technology for onboard ship navigations units, engine parts
and military weaponry such as torpedoes and surface to air missiles.

Aerial superiority in the form of the latest helicopters models are also on
display at Expo Naval and have attracted a lot of interest from expo attendants. The
most popular models are the SH-2G Super Seasprite from the United States, France’s
EUROCOPTER, and Germany’s CAMCOPTER, an unmanned surveillance system are attracting
lots of attention.