ELN Member Wanted by Interpol, Captured in Colombia

By Dialogo
July 16, 2013

A member of Colombia’s National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrillas, wanted by Interpol for rebellion, conspiracy and terrorism, was captured in a military operation, the Colombian Army said on July 15.

“Diego Armando Jiménez Gonzáles, alias ‘Diego’ or ‘El Gringo’, leader of the terrorist support network of ELN’s Efraín Pabón Pabón Front, was captured,” the Army said in a statement.

Twenty-six-year-old Jiménez Gonzáles was captured in a military operation conducted in Arauca department (western border with Venezuela); he spent four years in the ELN, according to the institution.

The detainee was “wanted by Interpol under the charges of rebellion and conspiracy with the purpose of extortion and terrorism.”

According to the Police, Jiménez Gonzáles “was in charge of extortion, coordination logistics regarding military equipment and uniforms, and terrorist actions” for the ELN.

The ELN is the second largest guerrilla group in Colombia, with 2,500 members, and so far not involved in the peace talks held between the government and the communist FARC.

However, the ELN has stated its interest for opening peace talks with the government.