El Salvador and Guatemala Agree to Combat Drug and Human Trafficking

By Dialogo
February 25, 2011

The director of the Salvadoran police, Carlos Ascencio, and his Guatemalan counterpart, Jaime Otzin, agreed “to work jointly” to combat trafficking in drugs, arms, and people, a Guatemalan official source said on 22 February.

The heads of the security institutions also agreed to improve cooperation on the exchange of information and training, Guatemalan police spokesperson Donald González told AFP.

The official explained that the meeting took place in the Guatemalan capital on Monday afternoon, but was private, for which reason the agreements had not become public knowledge.

The spokesperson added that the police directors defined several fundamental lines of action, such as improving “the flow of crime information in order to combat gangs that may operate in the region.”

He explained that the visit was part of the work plan of the Commission of Central American, Mexican, and Caribbean Police Chiefs, of which El Salvador currently holds the presidency.

Also at the meeting, the directors discussed progress on a plan to create a binational police force that would seek to improve security actions in the border areas between the two countries, he specified.