Eight Alleged Drug Traffickers Sought by U.S. Are Arrested in Colombia

By Dialogo
May 16, 2011

Eight alleged drug traffickers sought for extradition by the United States have been detained in northern and northwestern Colombia, following two years of investigation in coordination with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the Colombian police said on 12 May.

According to Gen. César Pinzón, the commandant of the anti-narcotics police, “Operation Republic 56 culminated early Thursday morning with the arrest of eight drug traffickers sought for extradition by the U.S. government.”

According to the officer, the drug-trafficking ring sent large amounts of cocaine “on ‘Go Fast’-type speedboats, from the gulfs of Urabá and Morrosquillo (in northwestern Colombia) to Panama and Honduras, in order to then send them from there to the coasts of Mexico and the United States.”

Pinzón added that as a result of eleven operations conducted during the last two years, the authorities have succeeded in seizing 14.3 tons of cocaine from the drug-trafficking group, at the same time that they have arrested fourteen of its members.

The eight alleged drug traffickers detained in the last few hours were arrested in the cities of Medellín (in northwestern Colombia) and Cartagena (in northern Colombia), on the Caribbean island of San Andrés (in northwestern Colombia), and in the towns of Turbo (in northwestern Colombia) and San Pablo (in northern Colombia).