Ecuadorean Police Seize Almost Half a Ton of Cocaine

By Dialogo
November 16, 2011

The Ecuadorean police seized 436 kg of cocaine in an operation in which six people were detained, including two Colombians, the head of that country’s anti-narcotics division, Pedro Gallegos, announced.

The police commander indicated that the drugs were hidden in cardboard boxes used to export flowers.

Between January and October 2011, around 13.2 tons of drugs, chiefly cocaine, were confiscated in Ecuador’s two most populous provinces, according to the police.

In the coastal province of El Guayas (in southwestern Ecuador), 11.5 tons of narcotics were seized, compared to 7.3 tons during the same period in 2010.

Meanwhile, in the Andean province of Pichincha (the capital of which is Quito), the police seized 1.7 tons of drugs, including cocaine, marijuana, and heroin.

Ecuador seized a record 68 tons of drugs (64 tons of which was cocaine) in the whole of 2009 and 18 tons in 2010, according to the police.