Ecuadorean Police Confiscates Cocaine from Colombia

By Dialogo
August 31, 2012

Ecuadorean police seized 191.7 kg of cocaine arriving from Colombia in an operation conducted in the border bridge of Rumichaca (north), reported the institution on August 29.

The cargo was transported the day before in an Ecuadorean registered truck, which previously had been in the Colombian city of Pasto (southwest), according to the official report.

“The drug’s country of origin is Colombia, and, presumably, it would have been transported to Guayaquil (on the Pacific coast), where it could be exported by the seaport,” Wellington Granda, the anti-narcotics officer in Carchi province, told reporters.

The 176 packages containing cocaine had a stamp printed on them, from which authorities are investigating which organization it belonged to.

The shipment is worth $6 million, according to Edgar Lopez, head of the Anti-Narcotics Police in Carchi, who reported the arrest of the driver.

Ecuador has seized about 24 tons of drugs so far in 2012, including 8.4 tons of marijuana and cocaine base intended for the “local market”, through operating means that resulted in some 2,000 detainees, according to a report last week by General Juan Barragán, national director of the Anti-Narcotics Police.

The seizures of drugs in the country reached 26 tons in 2011, compared with 18 tons in 2010 and a record 68 tons in 2009.