Ecuadorean Military Uses Mounted Patrol on Peruvian Border

Ecuadorean Military Uses Mounted Patrol on Peruvian Border

By Dialogo
April 15, 2013

The Ecuadorean Armed Forces are using mounted patrols in some areas of the Peruvian border (south) in order to counter fuel smuggling as part of a measure that will be extended to other areas of the country, the Joint Command reported on April 11.

The areas under control include villages of the Andean province of Loja, near the border with Peru, where there are “trails used by traffickers to smuggle products,” the Command reported.

“This kind of patrolling facilitates reconnaissance in areas that are inaccessible for vehicles and people on foot, allowing for careful planning of future operations and determining the means of access based on the type of terrain,” he added.

The command noted that the Military will extend this kind of patrols to other regions in the country.

The Peruvian and Ecuadorean governments are boosting development in border areas, where antipersonnel mines were planted during an undeclared war that confronted both nations in early 1995.

In October 1998, both countries signed peace agreements in Brasília, putting an end to an old territorial dispute that led to several conflicts.