Ecuador Will Open Detective School With Chilean Advice

By Dialogo
February 15, 2011

What are the requirements to enroll in the school and when will the course be opened? What are the prerequisites that must be met? I sincerely appreciate your information. Marco HERNAN Very interesting; education with discipline and values would be very important in this school, I would like to know what the prerequisites are and what sort of career professional would be able to enter? Thank you. GOOD MORNING I AM ENGINEER PRADO, I WOULD LIKE TO BE A PART OF THIS PROJECT, I FEEL QUALIFIED AND I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED THIS OPPORTUNITY, IN THE PAST THESE COURSES HAD A FEE AND INSTEAD I DECIDED TO STUDY BECAUSE I DID NOT HAVE THE MONEY TO PAY FOR THE COSTS BUT WITH A LOT OF EFFORT I OBTAINED MY DEGREE AND I WANT TO BECOME AN INVESTIGATOR. THANK YOU. MY TEL. IS 092189894 My life's dream has been to be a detective I'd like to know what are the requirements I have to meet and when the start of the next course is. I am very interested in entering the school for detectives; please I need information about when it will open, the enrollment and what are the requirements. Thanks. Good morning, please I would like to know when the course starts or where we can get more information about it. I am very interested. Thanks for your help.
Good morning. I would like to know when the registration will start, and what the requirements are. I am 31 years old and I don’t know if I can apply. Thanks for your help. I would like you to help me with information about when, how and where this course will take place How are you?, I would like some actual information about the topic informed on the report, how is the incorporation of the elements that will form the school?, if one should be secondary graduates or professionals, which is the date and the place where the courses would be release?, and of course what is the name of the institution formed?..........Thanks. Could you please give me information about when and where the course will be held and what the prerequisites are? I would like to have information about when registration begins and the requirements for entry.. Thank you. When will the course take place? When will this project be up and running? I would like to be a part of this project, but I don't know if age is a main issue. I'm 36. But I need more information, please. good morning, could you give me information according to this course, that one must have a degree or it can only be a bachelor so you can take this course...also could you tell me when, where and what requirements must I have to take this course. Thank you. Dear, I would like to be part of this school please tell me when and where will this school open, requirements and cost. I hold a third-level profession and I would like to know when the course will be given in order to apply. If you would be so kind as to clarify the general information and the requests on this opportunity that the Government will give our society. Please, I need to know the costs and requirements to join AAA and when it begins. Thank you. Please, my dream is to become a detective of the National Private Government... Please I need information about this course. What are the requirements? I am 37 years old and I have a third level title... I am eager to learn. This would be a great opportunity for the people. Warm greetings to those who make possible this kind of media, my dream has always been, still is and will be to be a real agent, a detective, an investigator; I am always observant in situations of security, I like the field of investigation, I am 39 years old but it's as if I was 25, full of energy; I am a Law graduate, I am investigating and working on my thesis, thanks to God and my own efforts I am close to graduating as a lawyer, I want to be a qualified detective. Please, I need to know what I need in order to gain admission to this prestigious course, I truly consider myself good but I want to be better for the sake of those vulnerable and in need, so that no wrong goes unpunished. I would love to be a detective...sometimes I am one when I walk around and I see a suspect that wants to do something. it would be awesome if there was a way to follow that course. Fulfilling my dreams...they should make this news public I'd like to know when does that detective school open, I'd like to apply. I am 18 years old and I would love to enroll in the school this year, 2013. I am trying to apply for the police, but the admission round hasn't started yet. I hope it does soon and that the school of detective opens soon as well. I hope you can help me apply to this great school that is opening. Thanks in advance, certainly I don't take this lightly but as an opportunity to fulfill my dreams of becoming an excellent detective as my father was. I look forward to your reply. Good night. my dream has been becoming a detective, I'd like to know the requirements for applying 0969258316, I believe that from there I could serve my beloved society, thank you. I'd like to know the date, requirements and fees needed for the courses WHEN WILL THE CLASSES FOR CIVIL DETECTIVES START. WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS AND WHAT IS THE AGE LIMIT FOR ACCEPTING PERSONNEL? Hello, I'm an attorney and I'd like to register for the CIVIL INVESTIGATOR courses, I would like to know what the requirements are, and what is the age limit for admission. When does the course start and what are its requirements? Good morning, I am a clinical psychologist, 27 years old, analyst and risk manager. I'm participating in self-funded courses of criminal investigation. I'd like to know the requirements. Good day, I would like to know when the course starts and what the requirements are. Thank you Oliver Herrera.
Hi I am enormously proud that for the first time a school for private detectives will be incorporated in Ecuador. Personally, I enthusiastically support establishing this school and I take this opportunity also to ask you for information in advance of the paperwork that needs to be completed at the right time to enroll and if possible to keep a space or a registration open for me thank you good afternoon. Hah and it is prohibited to forget. I am a former member of the police force. I am happy to recognize their organizations for investigative knowledge shared for a more effective, targeted development of investigative professions. Since we are living through the globalization of countries to share socially, but indirectly, a lot of negative things are also being assimilated that one way or another should be corrected on time with countries allied with the so-called social disciplines in neighboring countries. Thank you Furthermore, I want to thank the publication and at the same time ask them when will there be a course for civilian detectives.
If you could, please send information to my email, which you'll find below. Of course I like this article. From the time I was a little girl, my dream has always been to be a great detective. I would like the chance to be in this class and hope is the last thing to go. I know God will show me the way. It's almost a dream come true. I'm a person who really wants to improve myself. I hope this course isn't limited to just a few. Rather, that the opportunity be given to people who want to improve and I am one of them. Please, when does it start to be ready. Regards, So, how do I join? Greetings. I would like to belong to your school, if it is possible. Thank you. Greetings Always ready to be in the ranks of detectives of my Ecuador Very good afternoon, I would like to belong to the institution for a better future for our country. I thank you in advance for the requested information. Hi, I think the President's project is very interesting and very good. I would like to participate in that institution. Please help me with more information. Thank you Do you have to join the police force to be able to become a detective?
Ecuador will open a detective training school with advice from the Chilean police, as part of a security agreement recently signed between the two countries, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa announced on 12 February.

“We’re going to set up a detective school in order to (…) have a much more professionalized corps of investigators, who will receive a two-year course,” the president said in his weekly activity report.

“We’ll set up an intensive six-month program, but normally it’s expected to be two years, and such that they graduate as detectives with good salaries and go on to investigate crimes, which is very much lacking in Ecuador,” he added.

The initiative falls within the framework of an agreement signed during a visit to Chile by Correa on 3 and 4 February.

As part of that agreement, the Carabineros, the Chilean national paramilitary police force, will advise on the Ecuadorean police force’s security plans and on a plan for the force’s modernization.

“We’ve signed a very important agreement with Chile for a large delegation from the Carabineros, who are considered the best police force in Latin America and one of the best in the world, to come” to support these programs, the president emphasized.