Ecuador Succeeds in Clearing More Anti-personnel Mines

By Dialogo
December 02, 2011

Ecuador has revealed that it has succeeded in clearing landmines from more than 70,000 square meters.

The announcement was made at the Ottawa Convention meeting, which is being held this year in Phnom Penh.

Counselor Vernica Aguilar of the Ecuadorean Foreign Service said that the initial objective was to clear around 10,000 square meters, but the goal was exceeded.

The delegate indicated that the figure could still rise, but that “productivity goes down when we get into the jungle and we have to do manual demining in very difficult climatological conditions.”

Part of the demining was achieved with special machinery, and according to Aguilar, other areas of the country will be part of the program, which is expected to conclude in 2013.

The Ottawa Convention regulates the use, storage, production, sale, and destruction of anti-personnel mines, and its mission is to free the world from these devices.