Ecuador Sends 14 Tons of Aid to Those Affected by Rains in El Salvador

By Dialogo
November 02, 2011

On November 1, Ecuador gave El Salvador 14 tons of humanitarian aid to assist those affected by the rains of recent weeks, which left 34 dead and around US$840 million dollars in losses, the government in Quito announced.

The donation is in the form of water, food, wheelchairs, cots, mattresses, and crutches, among other items, according to the Office of the Vice President, which will send the donation on an Ecuadorean Air Force (FAE) aircraft.

The group assigned to this mission includes doctors from the Manuela Espejo program for the disabled, which will provide assistance to those injured as a consequence of the storms.

This is the second Ecuadorean contribution to a Central American country affected by the rains, following the Government’s donation of 14 tons of food and clothing to Honduras. There, the rain left 29 dead and millions in infrastructure damage and in losses in the agricultural sector.

The storms affected the entire Central American region, causing 123 deaths and hundreds of millions of dollars in losses, according to figures reported by the respective governments.