Ecuador Seizes Explosives Aimed at Rebel Groups on the Peruvian Border

By Dialogo
July 09, 2013

The Ecuadorean Military seized a shipment of rifle ammunition and grenades presumably aimed at Colombian rebel groups, in an operation conducted on the southern border with Peru, according to a July 4 report from the Ecuadorean Armed Forces Joint Command.

An intelligence agent from the Ecuadorean Armed Forces, who preferred to keep his identity undisclosed, told the press that the arsenal was destined for Colombian rebel groups.

During the operation, where a Peruvian citizen was arrested, 3,960 caliber 5.56 mm ammunition, and 32 hand grenades were seized, the institution said in a statement.

The operation was conducted on the afternoon of July 3 in the Huaquillas village, province of El Oro (on the border with Peru), where three Ecuadorean nationals and one Peruvian citizen were arrested.

The arrestees were handed over to judicial authorities, according to the report.