Ecuador Seizes Almost Two Tons of Marijuana Camouflaged amid Ice

By Dialogo
May 31, 2012

Ecuador seized around two tons of marijuana that were hidden amid blocks of ice in a vehicle travelling in the northwestern part of the country, the police announced on May 29.

Anti-narcotics agents “seized approximately two tons of marijuana, camouflaged by ice, in a truck,” the police indicated via Twitter.

The police added that the seizure took place in the town of La Concordia, in the coastal province of Esmeraldas.

The driver of the vehicle, which had apparently left the town of San Lorenzo (in Esmeraldas) and was headed for the maritime port of Guayaquil (in southwestern Ecuador), was arrested in the operation.

Between January and April, Ecuador seized around 12 tons of drugs, chiefly cocaine. Seizures of narcotics reached 26 tons in 2011, compared to 18 tons in 2010 and a record of 68 tons in 2009.

A week before the seizure, Interior Minister José Serrano said that Ecuador continues to be a transit location for drugs and an intermediary in their sale, but the volume of trade is far from that of its neighbors Colombia and Peru.