Ecuador seizes 2 tons of marijuana

By Dialogo
May 30, 2012

QUITO, Ecuador – Ecuadoran authorities on May 29 seized two tons of marijuana hidden in a vehicle that was transporting ice blocks in the northeast of the country, according to the police.
Antinarcotics agents “seized about two tons of marijuana, camouflaged with ice, in a truck,” the police said on their Twitter page.
The seizure occurred in the La Concordia area, in the coast province of Esmeraldas.
The police detained the driver, who was heading from the San Lorenzo neighborhood in Esmeraldas toward the Southeast port of Guayaquil.
Between January and April of this year, Ecuadoran authorities have seized 21 tons of drugs, mainly cocaine. In 2011, the authorities seized 12 tons of drugs, 18 tons in 2010 and a record 68 tons in 2009.
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