Ecuador Condemns Killings In Mexico And Mobilizes Diplomats

By Dialogo
August 30, 2010

The foreign minister of Ecuador, Ricardo Patiño, condemned the killings of seventy-two people in northeastern Mexico, thought to include a number of Ecuadoreans, and announced the mobilization of Ecuador’s diplomatic personnel in that country in order to support the investigations.

“This is very serious and lamentable, but the embassy and the consulates were immediately mobilized,” the minister said following a meeting with his Mexican counterpart, Patricia Espinosa, in Quito.

Patiño indicated that he was informed of the massacre by the Mexican foreign minister, who told him that the discovery of the corpses on a ranch in Tamaulipas was the result of the testimony of an Ecuadorean survivor who went to the authorities in search of aid.

“Foreign Minister Espinosa informed me about an occurrence (…) in which seventy-two people died, counting Central Americans and South Americans. We don’t know how many were Ecuadoreans; I hope not many,” the diplomat said.

Patiño likewise said that Espinosa told him that “she is immediately going to make available the Mexican government’s assistance” in identifying the bodies.

Mexican military personnel found seventy-two corpses Tuesday on a ranch in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas (in the northeastern part of the country); according to preliminary official reports, the dead are thought to be immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador, and Brazil.