Ecuador Arrests Alleged Colombian Drug Boss

By Dialogo
April 22, 2011

Alleged Colombian drug trafficker Jhon Vasco López, one of the leaders of the Cordillera organization, was detained on 20 April in the port of Guayaquil (in southwestern Ecuador) with forged documents, the police announced.

Vasco López, alias ‘Nico,’ who was wanted by Interpol, was arrested at the Guayaquil international airport when he tried to enter the country from Argentina, the police indicated to the press.

“He is being detained for a violation” for carrying forged documents, public prosecutor María Coloma said for her part, adding that the Colombian was turned over to the Police Intendant’s Office “for deportation.”

“Now if he’s in trouble with the law in his country, he’ll be judged there,” the prosecutor declared, speaking to the media.

A year ago, the Ecuadorean police arrested the Colombian Ramón Quintero, one of the world’s ten most-wanted drug traffickers, who was deported to Bogotá.

Quintero, alias ‘El Capo’ [‘The Boss’], who was prominent as a leader of the Norte del Valle cartel, was detained in a restaurant in the Ecuadorean capital.